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How to install Quick-Step Vinyl

Whether you opt for glue-down flexible vinyl or floating Hybrid Vinyl, all Quick-Step Vinyl floors are very easy to install. All it takes is a few tools and a little bit of patience and dedication.

Installing your Pulse Hybrid floor

STEP 1: Prepare your subfloor

First, you’ll need to inspect the subfloor. While Pulse Hybrid Plus can handle most irregularities, we highly recommend making sure the surface is level, stable and clean, and to remove all existing floor covering before getting started.

STEP 2: Collect your tools

Save yourself a few trips and make sure you have the following tools handy:

  • a hammer
  • a saw that’s suitable for vinyl
  • a mouth mask
  • a tape measure
  • safety glasses
  • a bevel to measure the corners
  • cleaning material
  • a thin piece of rope
  • gloves
  • a pencil
  • levelling compound
  • calculator
  • a Quick-Step installation set containing a pull-bar, spacers, and a tapping block

STEP 3: Start laying your Pulse Hybrid vinyl floor

  • First, check how many full rows of planks you will need by dividing the width of the room by the width of a plank. 
  • Make a mark on the wall where you’ll be laying your last full plank. The last plank should be at least 5 cm wide to ensure easy installation. 
  • Unpack your planks and mix them up to avoid laying identical patterns and colour variations too close together.
  • For best results, start laying your first row of Pulse Hybrid planks in line with the longest wall, but not flush against it (as walls are hardly ever perfectly straight).
  • Make sure to alternate your alignment so that end joints of successive rows are never in line. We recommend at least 30 cm between them. 
  • Click the first plank of the second row into the first plank of the first row (see video) and keep going like that.

STEP 4: Cut your Pulse Hybrid floor

Inevitably, you’ll need to cut your Pulse Hybrid planks to complete your floor. Wear gloves and use a pencil to draw your cutting lines. Always saw your planks with the top surface decoration facing upwards.

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