Cleaning and repairing vinyl flooring

Keeping your new vinyl floor in mint condition is simple and easy. In most cases, everyday tools will suffice to keep your floor spiffy clean. A small dent or scratch about to ruin your day? No worries: our repair kit can likely take care of it.

How to keep your vinyl floor clean

We can think of more pleasant activities than cleaning your floor, but here’s some good news. With our Pulse Hybrid and Pulse Glue Plus vinyl floors, you can get the job done with almost anything: a broom, a microfiber cloth, a vacuum cleaner, a damp mop … On Pulse Hybrid, you can even use a steam cleaner. But beware: the steam shouldn’t come in direct contact with the planks (cover the opening with a cloth), and you shouldn’t apply the nozzle to one area for longer than a few moments

The 3 golden rules of vinyl cleaning

How to clean a vinyl floor?

1. Only use our Quick-Step Clean cleaning product
as other, agressive cleaning agents may damage your floor.

How to clean a vinyl floor?

2. Don’t use wax products,
as they are unnecessary and can cause wax build-up.

How to clean a vinyl floor?

3. Don’t leave water or liquid sitting
on your floor for longer periods of time.

How to repair your vinyl floor?

We get it: small scratches on your new vinyl floor can totally ruin your day. But there’s no need to worry: our Quick-Step repair kit can handle most minor damage suffered by your floor, making it look as good as new. There are equally efficient solutions for warping floors and replacing damaged planks as well.