Vinyl flooring

Whether you’re going for our ultra-strong Hybrid vinyl or traditional flexible vinyl, the natural looks and characteristic warmth of our vinyl floors will never cease to amaze you. Choose from a wide range suitable for all needs and circumstances. All floors are equipped with a protective top layer that ensures your floor’s good looks for years to come. And what’s more: Quick-Step vinyl is quiet and comfortable to walk on.

Alpha Vinyl by Quick-Step


Pulse Hybrid vinyl is the strongest floor you’ll ever walk on. In many cases, it doesn’t require subfloor preparation, so it’s perfect for renovations. Smart water-repellent technology makes Pulse Hybrid vinyl the ideal flooring option for every room.

VinylFlex floors by Quick-Step


Pulse Glue Plus flexible vinyl feels soft and warm, which makes the floor a real pleasure to walk on. The very thin and easy-to-install planks feature our Stain and Scratch Guard technologies for ultimate protection of your floor.

3 reasons to choose Quick-Step vinyl flooring

Water resistant vinyl floors

It's waterproof

Go for a worry-free experience with our best-in-class waterproof vinyl flooring. Water repellent technology and a watertight click system (Pulse Hybrid) prevent damage and make luxury vinyl a perfect choice for your bathroom and kitchen.

Soft and silent vinyl floors

It's soft & silent

Treading on a Quick-Step vinyl floor is a pleasant experience in every way: their natural designs catch the eye, they feel soft and warm, and their acoustic performance gets rid of any unwanted noise from heels, boots, trainers or paws.

Renovation-friendly floors

It's ideal for renovations

Renovating? Quick-Step vinyl flooring is very thin and easy to install thanks to our patented Uniclic click system and built-in underlay (Pulse Hybrid).

Everything you need for a worry-free flooring experience

Found the perfect floor? In that case, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start your flooring project. These tools ensure a smooth installation, the perfect finish and easy maintenance.

Accessories for Quick-Step vinyl

Find your favourite vinyl floor

Dark grey Pulse Glue Plus Vinyl Cotton oak grey with saw cuts PUGP40106
Cotton oak grey with saw cuts
Vinyl - Pulse Glue Plus PUGP40106
59.95 NZD/m²
Recommended retail price (GST incl.)