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Quick-step black laminate floors

Black laminate

Find the floor of your dreams

Your choice of flooring is a very important decision, as the rest of your decorating choices will depend on it. Consequently, it is important to know your options and what best suits your taste. Discover Quick-Step black laminate floor and all the features that make it one of the most popular laminate floors.

A modern look with black laminate

Black laminate flooring is one of the most sought-after floors because it can give your room a remarkably modern look. Black has a very powerful effect and goes almost with any other colour. If you combine it with intense colours, a dark floor can create a stunning contrast. It makes colourful design objects and furniture stand out, and metallic colours will help to create a chic and stylish interior that exudes class and taste. Black and white is the ultimate classic combination. Contrasting these two opposites instantly makes spaces such as entrance halls or bathrooms interesting. You may want to try it in your kitchen too?

Quick-step black laminate floors

Discover our black laminate floors

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Install black laminate

Installing black laminate is a great way to give a room a luxurious and elegant atmosphere. You can do this in several rooms of your home. Dark laminate also looks chic in shop premises and restaurants. Like the other products in our range, laminate is very durable. Some types are even designed specifically for intensive use. If your home already has flooring, you can probably install the laminate floor on top of the original flooring. Depending on the type of original flooring and subfloor, you may have to remove the old flooring first. Just follow the installation instructions carefully or call in the help of a local installer to make your dream floor happen.

Quick-step black laminate floors

Black laminate combinations

Think about the associations black evokes: style, elegance, luxury and mystery. Now imagine how a black floor will make your space feel warmer and more authentic in combination with bright colours, mirrors or eye-catching decorative pieces. That is why people keep going back to black. Black laminate not only looks very modern; it is also timeless. What is more, this dark laminate is available in multiple sizes and various styles, such as black oak laminate. Visit our website to admire more of this impressively wide range of black laminate. Feel free to browse. Who knows, one of our beautiful black floors may just catch your eye.

Black laminate style tips

Black is perfect in a bold interior. It is an intense, dominant colour that makes the room look smaller. This doesn't necessarily have to be a disadvantage, quite the contrary: it creates an intimate atmosphere you can add depth to with bold colour contrasts. And if you prefer a calm vibe, go for black and grey for a classic elegant look or black and white for a modern feel.

These are just some of the ways you can give breathe new life into your interior with black laminate flooring. Remember that choosing the right floor is a decision that will affect the rest of your home's interior design. Quick-Step offers a wide range of laminate floors that are sure to suit your needs and taste.

Quick-step black laminate floors
Discover our black laminate floors