How to clean laminate floors

No matter which Quickstep laminate collection you choose from, all of our floors have one thing in common: they are designed to resist the test of time. Just follow our advice and you’ll be able to enjoy that new-floor feeling for many years to come.

The 3 golden rules of laminate cleaning

How to clean laminate flooring

Use the dedicated Quick-Step cleaning kit

Our cleaning kit was especially designed for Quick-Step floors and contains a mop holder, a washable microfiber mop and a high-quality cleaning product. Goodbye cleaning residue, hello fresh and clean floors.

How to clean laminate flooring

Clean wisely

Most of our floors have a water-repellent HydroSeal coating, but avoid using too much water. You’ll get the best results with damp cloths.

Quick-Step repair kit

Repair light damage

Don’t let light damage get you down. The Quick-Step Repair Kit offers the best tools to quickly recreate the original colour of damaged planks. Check out the colour table to find out exactly which wax colours you need to mix to match your floor.

Accessories for easy cleaning & repair

It’s time to shine! Your floor, that is. And with these high-quality accessories, that won’t be a problem at all.

QSCLEANING1000 Laminate Accessories Maintenance Product 1 L QSCLEANING1000
Maintenance Product 1 L
Dedicated cleaning product for easy and effective cleaning of Quick-Step floors (1000 ml).
1000 ml
QSREPAIR Laminate Accessories Repair Kit QSREPAIR
Repair Kit
Light damage can easily be repaired in the original colour with the Quick-Step Repair Kit. Simply recreate the colour of your damaged planks caused by, for example scissors, with one of the seven wax pieces selected to cover all Quick-Step colours. Contents: melting knife, cleaning comb, 7 wax blocks, sanding pad.
Contents: melting knife, cleaning comb, 7 wax blocks, sanding pad
QSSPRAYMOP Laminate Accessories Cleaning Mop QSSPRAYMOP
Cleaning Mop
A washable microfibre mop for use with the Quick-Step Cleaning Kit. You can use the mop dry or slightly moist.
Microfiber mop
QSSPRAYKIT Laminate Accessories Cleaning Kit QSSPRAYKIT
Cleaning Kit
The cleaning products are specifically developed for Quick‑Step floors. They cleanse the floor surface thoroughly and maintain the original look of your floor. No residual layers of cleaning product are left behind.
Contents: mop holder, washable microfiber mop, Quick‑Step Cleaning product 1000 ml

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