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Dark oak flooring in the living room


How to choose
the ideal living room floor

Kick off your shoes, lean back in a cosy couch and... relax, while the house bubbles with activity. Your living room is where relaxation meets activity. A room for sitting, resting and snuggling up with a cushion, as much as for playing and jumping from settee to sofa. Needless to say it needs a floor that can handle all facets of your family life.

Warm & durable floors

That’s why your living room flooring should live up to one major expectation: it should be as multifunctional as your living room itself. Look for a floor that feels as warm and soft as it looks, without compromising on durability. A floor that can bring your living room to life.

Why you’ll love Quick-Step in your living room

Quick-Step parquet floor for the living room

A floor for everyone

The typical living room scene is making a comeback: families are gathering around the television again, and they bring their tablets and smartphones with them. Are you sure that your living room flooring pleases everyone, from your teenage daughter to your tantrum-throwing toddler? Impossible, you say? Not with Quick-Step’s laminate, hardwood or vinyl solutions! There’s so much to choose from — charming wood designs, warm colours and countless finishes, textures, bevels and grooves — you won’t fail in finding the perfect living room floor for your family.

Quick-Step laminate floor for the dining room

Get the full package

To create the cosiest, yet liveliest living room space, you not only need the perfect floor. You’ll also want to finish everything in the same style. That’s why every Quick-Step floor comes with a range of matching accessories, from skirting boards to profiles, and the right underlay for optimal comfort.

Quick-Step vinyl floor in the living room

Quick & easy clean-ups

Before you can happily put your feet up on the coffee table after a day of family hustle and bustle, your living room might require some cleaning. Luckily, Quick-Step floors help you achieve a spic-and-span den of relaxation in no time. Some of these floors come with sealed flooring surfaces or anti-static joints, for instance, preventing dust from sticking to the floor. Perfect for swift cleaning, and to get the most out of your relaxation time.

Quick-Step floor in the dining room

Warm feet for the win

You’ve just snuggled up in front of the telly, but you forgot the remote. Getting up is one thing. But having your bare feet freeze at the touch of a cold floor just makes you want to dive right back into your comfy blanket. Quick-Step floors, however, are not only exquisitely soft to the touch. With the right underlay, they can be easily combined with underfloor heating. Cold feet will soon be a thing of the past!

Quick-Step floor in dining room

For years and years to come

Quick-Step offers laminate, vinyl or hardwood flooring that can keep up with your family life for many years to come. To help you relax in your snug sofa or comfy couch, Quick-Step gives you a warranty from 20 years to lifetime on all its living room flooring.

Discover all living room floors

Alpha Vinyl tiles in the living room

Laminate, wood or vinyl: which should you pick?

Cosy, inviting and authentic are the usual characteristics that people are looking for in this communal room of bonding. Because the living room is a place to relax and socialise, ambience is generally a high priority here. However, it’s difficult to find that ideal intersection of relaxing and invigorating décor-wise. Carpet seems like a good way to achieve this atmosphere and keep costs low, but it traps dirt and dust and is difficult to keep clean.

Best choice


  • Catches the eye: beautiful and stylish
  • Long-lasting: comes with a warranty from 20 years to lifetime
  • Time-saving: easy to clean and maintain
  • Welcoming: softer and silkier than stone or ceramic
  • Worry-free: doesn’t trap dirt or dust

Get inspired

Quick-Step floors are extremely versatile, which means they can be used throughout the house. And thanks to the wide range of designs & styles - from classic to trendy - there is bound to be a Quick-Step floor for every room in the house.

Find your favourite living room floor:

  • Classic oak natural

    • Laminate
    • Impressive
    • IM1848
  • Soft oak natural

    • Laminate
    • Impressive
    • IM1855
  • Saw cut oak grey

    • Laminate
    • Impressive
    • IM1858
  • Soft oak light

    • Laminate
    • Impressive
    • IM1854
  • Soft oak medium

    • Laminate
    • Impressive
    • IM1856
  • Soft oak grey

    • Laminate
    • Impressive
    • IM3558
  • Classic oak beige

    • Laminate
    • Impressive
    • IM1847
  • Old oak matt oiled

    • Laminate
    • Eligna
    • EL312
  • Soft oak light brown

    • Laminate
    • Impressive
    • IM3557
  • Woodland oak brown

    • Laminate
    • Majestic
    • MJ3548
  • Classic oak brown

    • Laminate
    • Impressive
    • IM1849
  • Merbau

    • Laminate
    • Eligna
    • EL996
  • Woodland oak beige

    • Laminate
    • Majestic
    • MJ3545
  • Newcastle oak dark

    • Laminate
    • Eligna
    • EL3581