Pulse Hybrid: high-performance vinyl floors

If you’re looking for a floor that offers style and practicality in abundance, Pulse Hybrid is an offer you can’t refuse. Its ultra-strong core and unique top layer protects against stains, scratches and impact damage, while the innovative click system ensures a fully waterproof floor. What’s more, with a built-in underlay Pulse Hybrid is perfectly suited for renovations and can be installed on almost any surface, regular or irregular. 

100% waterproof

Pulse Hybrid vinyl features our advanced watertight click system. Combined with our water-repellent technology, this ensures a fully waterproof floor that is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas prone to moisture and spills. It also makes your new floor a lot easier to clean.

Water-resistant vinyl floors
Ultra-strong hybrid vinyl floors

Ultra-strong for maximum resilience

Falling objects, spills and scratches don’t stand a chance thanks to Pulse Hybrid’s ultra-strong core and unique top layer with scratch- and stain-resistant technology. Not only does this make your floor last longer, it also ensures that you can truly be yourself in your own home.

Suitable for irregular surfaces

Pulse Hybrid’s solid core offers another advantage: in most cases, you won’t have to prepare your subfloor before installation. This makes Pulse Hybrid an excellent choice for renovation projects. It also helps that the planks are exceptionally easy to install. 

Easy to install vinyl floors

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