Keeping your timber floor in perfect shape

Quick-Step timber floors aren’t just authentic and stylish; they’re also low-maintenance, thanks to their prefinished protection layer. Simply follow our expert's advice and you’ll be out of the woods for years to come!

Maintenance set

The golden rules of timber floor cleaning

Keeping your Quick-Step timber floor clean on a day-to-day basis can be done easily with a dry Quick-Step microfiber mop. Once in a while, you can also use a slightly damp mop to get rid of those persistent stains.

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Keep your timber floor in shape for years to come

Quick-Step timber flooring is designed to stand the test of time. But it’s always a good idea to help your floor stay in shape by giving it some extra love. Here are a couple of tips!

Cleaning regularly

Quick-Step’s timber floors have a sophisticated structure that makes them extremely durable. But even so, it’s always a good idea to touch timber… preferably with a microfiber cloth or a vacuum cleaner.

Apply some oil

A regular treatment with oil will stop your floor from looking dry and dull, and brings out its natural beauty. Additional tip: whenever you feel it’s time for a change, simply sand your timber floor and apply a new coat of lacquer or oil to reinstate that brand-new-floor feeling. Download this table to know exactly which specific Maintenance Oil you need to match your floor colour.

Check the humidity

The right humidity plays a crucial part in your floor’s lifespan. Warm, humid air can make the timber planks expand, while cold, dry air can make them shrink. Between 40 to 60% is the ideal humidity level. Check your indoor hygrometer regularly, and place a humidifier, air scrubber or dehumidifier if need be. Or even better: make room for some oxygen-releasing, air-moistening and -purifying houseplants! Good for your floor, and your health!

Quick-Step repair kit

Easily repair light damage

Light damage can easily repaired in the original colour with the Quick-Step Repair Kit. Simply recreate the colour of your damaged planks with one of the seven wax pieces selected to cover all Quick-Step colours. The repair kit contains a melting knife, a cleaning comb and seven wax blocks to cover all floor colours. Check out the colour table to know exactly which wax colours you need to mix to match your floor colour.

Download the colour table >

Maintenance videos

Watch the video and learn how you can repair light damage to your floor.

How to use the repair kit?

How to clean your Quick-Step timber floor? (daily cleaning)

How to keep your timber floor look beautiful for many years?

Accessories for easy cleaning & repair

From practical cleaning kits to caring oils for regular use: you’ll find everything you need right here.

Quick-Step Cleaning Kit
Quick-Step Cleaning Kit
The cleaning products are specifically developed for Quick-Step floors. They cleanse the floor surface thoroughly and maintain the original look of your floor. No residual layers of cleaning product are left behind.
Contents: mop holder, washable microfiber mop, Quick-Step Cleaning product 750ml