Pulse Glue Plus: vinyl floors for maximum comfort

Comfortable, soft and silent: Pulse Glue Plus floors are a real pleasure to walk on. And thanks to the Stain and Scratch Guard technologies, Pulse Glue Plus vinyl offers ultimate protection for long-term enjoyment.

Soft & silent

Warm feet from the moment you wake up, and a soft touch when you kick off those work shoes in the evening. Pulse Glue Plus vinyl floors not only look good, they’re also extremely comfortable – for your feet, but also for your ears, thanks to their sound-reducing properties.

VinylFlex is soft and silent
vinylFlex is scratch and stain resistant

Scratch & stain resistant

Our revolutionary Stain Guard technology will keep your floor spotless and gives dirt and even scuff marks no chance. Our vinyl planks also feature Scratch Guard: an innovative technology that protects your new floor against scratches better than any similar product on the market today.

Stylish, authentic designs

Pulse Glue Plus sets itself apart with its truly authentic designs, feature-rich textures and true-to-nature aesthetics. Meticulously designed and produced in Belgium, Pulse Glue Plus will bring style and authenticity to any interior.

VinylFlex is easy to install

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