Quick-Step Multifunctional: the finishing profile for Livyn floors

With the super strong aluminium Quick-Step Multifunctional profile you can level up various height differences, smoothly combine your Livyn floor with any other type of floor, or finish your floor against a window or wall.

Quick-Step Multifunctional

The aluminium Quick-Step Multifunctional profile can be used to overcome heights from 0 to 12.3 mm.

Three different colours

Depending on your preference, you can opt for a gold, silver or bronze look.

Strong and scratch resistant

The Quick-Step Multifunctional profile is built to last: it’s solid and extremely scratch resistant.

One profile, many applications

With only a single Quick-Step Multifunctional profile you can create the finishing you need in no time.

  • Linking two floors of the same height

  • Bridging variations in height between two floors

  • Finishing the floor near a wall of window

  • Connecting a Livyn floor with a carpet