Quick-Step Laminate in your kitchen

Quick-Step Laminate is a perfect choice for your kitchen. After all, Laminate floors are easy to clean, and thanks to their special 'Scratch Guard' treatment, they are highly scratch and wear-resistant, offering excellent protection against water and household chemicals.


The base of Quick-Step Laminate is a watertight, glued HDF board. Thanks to the ingenious Uniclic system, these boards are pressed together very tightly, so an accident with a glass of water for example is not a problem.

Easy to clean

Of course, a Quick-Step floor in your kitchen will have to be cleaned more often. But thanks to their sealed surface structure, Quick-Step floors prevent dirt and dust from attaching to the floor. Usually, dry cleaning with Quick-Step microfiber tissues is sufficient. For more thorough cleaning, you can also use a slightly moistened mop.

Up to 10 times more scratch resistant

The top layer of Quick-Step Laminate floors have an ultra-protective Scratch Guard layer, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful, natural-looking floor for many, many years. This ultra-resistant, patented top layer makes Quick-Step Laminate floors up to 10 times more resistant to micro scratches than floors without Scratch Guard.

Ideal to create unity

Even if you don't have an open kitchen, it’s a good idea to extend the floor you have in your living room to your kitchen as well. By repeating materials, you will give your home a sense of unity and spaciousness.